General Conference

March 15-18, 2022


Flowchart from application to paper submission

  • Window for application to make a presentation in a general session, a symposium
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  • Log-in window: enter your membership number
  • arrow_downward
  • Presentation application form window: enter details of the speaker and the paper
    (Note) If you cannot submit your paper in PDF, select "Submission as hard copy by post" in the "Paper submission method".
  • arrow_downward
  • If you agree to the transfer of the copyright of your paper in accordance with the IEICE's Provisions on Copyright, click the "Agree" button.
    When you have clicked this button, your application has been completed.
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  • A conformation window (giving your application number and password) is displayed.
    This window also confirms that you have agreed to the transfer of the copyright of your paper to the IEICE.
    Print the window and keep the printed copy.
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  • An email confirming the completion of your application will be sent to you.
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  • Window for submitting your paper in PDF
  • arrow_downward
  • Enter your application number and password.
  • arrow_downward
  • Select the PDF file that you wish to submit on your PC.
  • arrow_downward
  • The “I submit my paper whose copyright I agreed to transfer to the IEICE at the time of my application” button appears.
    When you have clicked this button, the submission of your paper has been completed.
  • arrow_downward
  • A window confirming the completion of the submission of paper is displayed.
  • arrow_downward
  • An email confirming the reception of your PDF file is sent to you.
    This completes the procedure for the submission of your paper.

If you wish to modify or cancel your application, you can do so through a different window.
Please enter your application number and password in that window.

For your information (schedule after the submission of a paper)

  • The Program Committee meets to determine the conference program.
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  • You will be notified of your presentation date and time by email.
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  • Please print out the invoice for the participation and presentation fee from MyPage.
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  • You are advised to look at the provisional conference program on the website.
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