Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This webpage provides answers to questions frequently asked by those who wish to apply to make a presentation through the Web Application System.

About joining the IEICE

About applying to make a presentation

About submitting your paper

About using the Web Application System

How can I join the IEICE?

As to the membership registration, please send an application form of IEICE Overseas Membership and a credit card form to the IEICE Membership Section.
For further information, please refer to the following

The deadline of submitting your application form is as follows:

  • Attend the IEICE General Conference: February 1st
  • Attend the IEICE Society Conference: August 1st
My application to join the IEICE is still being processed, and I have not been notified of my IEICE membership number yet. What membership number should I enter when I apply to make a presentation?

To apply to make a presentation, use the temporary membership number 87654321 (8 digits) that was notified by email immediately after you applied to join the IEICE. If you receive your personal membership number during the period when applications to make a presentation are accepted, please modify your application by entering your personal membership number. If you receive your personal membership number after the closing date of applications to make a presentation, please send details of your application and personal membership number by email to

I have forgotten my membership number. What should I do?

Look for your membership number on your membership card, or on the label of an envelope used to send you a monthly IEICE journal. Your membership number has seven digits. If you have neither of them at hand, call the Membership Activities Section, IEICE Headquarters Office at 03-3433-6691 (+81-3-3433-6691 from overseas). If you are a member of a partner engineering society, please contact that society.

To apply to make a presentation, use the membership number 8888888 (7 digits).

My application to join the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan, the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, or the Information Processing Society of Japan is still being processed, and I have not been notified of my membership number yet. What membership number should I enter when I apply to make a presentation?

I am not a member of the IEICE or any of its partner engineering societies. What membership number should I enter when I apply to make a presentation?

To apply to make a presentation, use the membership number 9999999 (7 digits).

I forgot to print the "Bank transfer notification form". What should I do?

You can download a "Bank transfer notification form" from here (in Japanese). Also, when we send you the invoice for the participation and presentation fee, we will enclose a "Bank transfer notification form".

How can I confirm the content of my application to make a presentation?

Click the "Modify my application" button on the Top page to confirm the content of your application. Also, you should have received an email confirming the content of your application.

I have tried to apply to make a presentation but the webpages did not behave as expected. What should I do?

The browser you are using may be too old a version. We have found that, with Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower, webpages do not change as expected. Please use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 7.1 or higher. However, we recommend that you use version 6.0 or higher of these browsers.
Also, it is possible that when you tried to access them, the webpages did not behave correctly because of congestion or unscheduled maintenance work on our server. If this is suspected, please try to apply sometime later.
The server is expected to be very busy on days close to the final day for making applications for a presentation. You are encouraged to apply and submit your paper as early as possible.

The text does not fit in the specified space correctly? What should I do?

The specified space is just a rough guide for reference. Your text may extend outside the space slightly. However, please observe the limit to the number of characters or words in the abstract (300 characters if in Japanese, or 100 words if in English).

Is it OK to enter line breaks?

Yes, you may enter line breaks. You can also use <br> in HTML for the same effect.

I forgot my application number and password. What should I do?

Your application number and password are needed if you wish to modify your application. If you have forgotten one of them, find them as follows:

  1. They are shown on the application receipt slip that you must print at the time of making your application.
  2. They are also included in the email sent to you after your application was made.

If you cannot use any of these means to find your application number and password, please send an inquiry email stating your name and the title of your presentation to

Although I made the application for a presentation successfully, I have not received a confirmation email from the IEICE. Why is this?

There could be a number of reasons why you have not received a confirmation email:

  1. The email address you entered at the time of submitting your application might be incorrect. In this case, go to "Modifying my application" on the Top page, and modify your email address.
  2. You ended the process of submitting your application without printing an application confirmation slip. In this case, it is likely that your application was not accepted successfully. Please try to make an application anew.
  3. Your application action was unsuccessful. In this case, first go to "Modifying my application" to see whether you can access your application data. If your application data is displayed successfully, then your application was correctly accepted. In this case, the problem may be in the mail servers on the IEICE side or on your side. Please try to read your email sometime later, or check your email environment. If you cannot access your application data even after you have entered your application number and password, then your application was not accepted successfully. Please try to make an application anew.
The characters of the application confirmation email I received are not displayed correctly (they are displayed as gibberish). What should I do?

If HTML tags are included in the title of your presentation or in the abstract, they may be shown as HTML codes. If this is the case, your application has been accepted correctly.

You have entered: H<sub>2</sub>O
Your email may show: H&#60;sub&#62;2&#60;/sub&#62;O

If your problem is other than the above, please send an inquiry email to

It takes time to make an application and this would mean a high Internet access charge. How can I reduce the time needed for making an application?

For smooth application, we recommend that you use a word processor or a text editor to put all the data for your application into a file prior to making the application. When you make the application, copy and paste data onto the form on the webpage. Even if your application data includes long items of text data, your application will be completed quickly. Please refer to the input example when you prepare your application data to enter in advance.

When I interrupted my application action, and tried to continue later, I found that all the data I had had already input had been lost. Are they not saved?

If you interrupt your application action without click the Next or Apply button after you have entered data, your application is not accepted and all your data is lost. Please start anew and complete your application by clicking the "Apply" button after you have entered the necessary data.

I found that the text I input has been truncated. Why is this? (Japanese only)

Please check whether your text includes a single-byte "<" character. If a "<" is used in your text, the browser regards any characters following it as a part of an HTML tag and does not display them. If you should need to include a "<" symbol, use a double-byte "<".

I have applied twice by mistake. How can I cancel one of the applications?

Go to "Canceling my application" on the Top page.

I think that there are too many items of data I need to enter. Can't you display my name and address automatically when I have entered my membership number?

Technically, this would be possible, but such a function involves a security problem because your personal data would be disclosed on the Web. This is why we do not provide such a function.

How do I make a PDF file? How can I reduce the size of my PDF file?

For information about creating a PDF file, refer to Adobe Systems' webpage at If you cannot create a PDF file successfully, refer to

Is there any agent that would create a PDF file for me?

Adobe Acrobat will be recommended to make PDF file, however, you will find many other software other than that on web search site. Please note that the society has no responsibility for any trouble using them to make file.

I cannot submit my PDF file successfully. What should I do?

There are several possible causes for your problem.
The file size is bigger than 500 KB.
In the information about creating a PDF file, a method of reducing the file size is explained. Click here (in Japanese) for information.

The file name or the name of the directory in which the file resides includes commas, spaces, etc.
You cannot submit a file if its name or the name of the directory in which the file resides includes commas, spaces, single-bite Katakanas or special symbols, such as "%", "&" and "$". Change the filename or the directory name, or move the file to a different directory before submitting it.

The file you are trying to submit is not a PDF file. Or, the filename includes a second period (full-stop).
You can only submit a PDF file with the file extension ".pdf", and the filename must not include any other period.

Your PC freezes while you are submitting the file.

  • Your PC may not have sufficient memory.
    This can happen due to a shortage of memory. Close other applications and try to submit your file again. If this still does not solve your problem, please use a different PC.
  • Your browser version is too old.
    We recommend the use of Internet Explore 6 or higher, or Netscape 7.1 or higher. If you are using browsers older than these, please install a newer version.
  • The network is congested.
    Although our server is provided with high-speed access, traffic congestion can occur in any part of the network. Please try to submit your file sometime later.
  • Your Internet access speed is not high enough.
    If the communication speed of your modem is 14,400 bps or lower, the file may not be submitted successfully. Please use a PC having a high access speed to the Internet.
  • If you are using a Macintosh, you may not have rebuilt your desktop lately.
    The Macintosh OS requires periodic rebuilding of the desktop. To do this, restart the Macintosh while pressing the OPTION+Apple keys until you are prompted to rebuild the desktop. (For details, refer to the manual of your Macintosh.)

Note: There could be many other causes for your problem. If possible, please try to submit your paper using a different PC.

I would like to confirm submitted PDF file.

Submitted PDF file can be confirmed at 'PDF File View' function on the Submission Page.

I would like to confirm the print out of submitted PDF file.

Please print out the submitted pdf file viewing at 'PDF File View' function.

Can I replace the PDF file I have submitted?

Yes, you can replace your PDF file as many times as you want during the period when the submission of papers is accepted. Go to "Submitting a PDF file" on the Top page.
The filename of the PDF file you want to substitute can be the same as or different from the PDF you have already submitted. However, it must have a ".pdf" extension.

When I print the PDF file I have created, the print size is smaller than the original. Why is this?

To avoid this problem, please untick the "Adjust to the paper size" box in the printer settings.

Do I absolutely need Acrobat to create a PDF file (when using either Windows or Macintosh)?

Although the most common application to create a PDF file is Acrobat by Adobe Systems, there are other applications as shown below. However, we take no responsibility for any problems you may encounter using these products.

OS Name of software program Price
MAC PrintToPDF Shareware (20 dollars)
How can I create a PDF file from TeX (when using UNIX)?

To create a PDF file from Tex in the UNIX environment, you need a conversion tool, such as dvipdfm or ps2pdf. For details about using dvipdfm (Japanese version), refer to the following.

After I clicked the "Apply" button, nothing happened. When I clicked the "Apply" button, all the data I entered was erased and I cannot make an application. Why is this?

The most likely reason is traffic congestion in the network, even though our server uses fiber-optic access. Traffic congestion can occur at any part of the link between the server and your terminal. Please try to apply again sometime later.
Some Unix-based OSs do not support Japanese language characters sufficiently. This could be reason why you cannot enter Japanese characters properly. In such a case, please use a PC running Windows2000/XP, or MacOS. If you still cannot make an application successfully, please send an inquiry email to

Is it possible that an application cannot be made successfully because of traffic congestion?

As long as we use the Internet to accept applications, we cannot rule out that possibility. It can occur depending on the particular conditions of the network at a particular time. This is why we encourage you to make an application as early as possible. As a safeguard against server failure, we provide a secondary server.

Does your application site provide sufficient security?

It is true that communication over the Internet involves some risk. The data being sent may be eavesdropped. The database being disclosed may be tampered with. As a safeguard against various hazards, we manage membership cards and passwords, back up data regularly, log emails transmitted, and provide a firewall. However, whatever measures are taken on the server, there is no such thing as perfect security. By nature, the data disclosed over the Internet is intended to be "seen". In other words, in most cases there is no harm in having this data viewed by anyone.
In cases like ours in which the user is allowed to modify data which was input earlier at the time of application, it is safest to assume that anyone can access the data. We hope that you will accept this situation, bearing in mind that no serious problem should occur because you will not need to provide really important secret data, such as your credit card number or the password to your cash card.
Information on any problems that occur to our server is shown and updated on the Top page. Please refer to it from time to time.

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