Society Conference

September 6-9, 2022

Call for Papers

  1. Deadline: Friday, May 6, 2022 - Wednesday, June 29, 2022(17:00 hours, Japan time)
  2. Non-IEICE members have been entitled to make a presentation.

Qualifications for speakers

IEICE member, or member of partner engineering societies Individual member (i.e. not corporate member) of IEICE or partner engineering societies. Partner societies in Japan are IEEJ, IEIJ, ITE, and IPSJ. Overseas partner societies are IEIE, KICS, KIISE, REV, IEEE/CS, IEEE/Com. Soc., IEEE/PHO, and IEEE/MTT-S.
(Additional co-authors need not be members of any of the above societies.)
Non-IEICE member Although no qualification is required, the prospective speaker is encouraged to become an IEICE member.
Please become a member by clicking here (Japaneseor English)

As to the membership registration, please send an application form of IEICE Overseas Membership and a credit card form to the IEICE Membership Section.
For further information, please refer to the following URL: http://www.ieice.org/eng/member/OM-appli.html

The deadline of submitting your application form is as follows:
Attend the IEICE General Conference: January 20
Attend the IEICE Society Conference: July 20

Participation and presentation fee for speakers

Please note that the fee for a non-member is different from that for a member of the IEICE or partner engineering societies. More information on the participation and presentation fee is given here.
The presentation fee to the society and annual membership fee are not included in the fee for participation (Honorary, Regular, Student and temporary registered Membership) to the meeting.

  Participation and presentation
fee for a general session
Participation and presentation
fee for a symposium
Honorary member 10,000 yen (including) 11,000 yen (including)
Member 10,000 yen (including) 11,000 yen (including)
Student member 3,000 yen (including) 3,500 yen (including)
Non-member: not student 22,000 yen (including) 24,000 yen (including)
Non-member: student 22,000 yen (including) 24,000 yen (including)

Expected content of presentations

Your paper should include content that has not been made public yet. And the paper should include scientifically valuable and be interested in view of engineering. Your paper may report on recently conducted research or investigations, report on a new initiative or test results that have produced useful results, or introduce new products. Papers with inappropriate content will not be accepted.
Owing to programming constraints, the session in which your paper will be presented may be changed from the one you request. Any symposium to which too few papers have been submitted may be cancelled. In such an event, those papers accepted will be moved to a related general session. Even if the session for your paper is changed in this way, you will not be able to rewrite your paper or expect a change in the participation and presentation fee.

If your paper is not accepted, the participation and presentation fee will be refunded. However, if you cancel your presentation, the fee will not be refunded.


Japanese or English

Size of written paper and time allocation for presentation

General presentation:
1 written page. 15 minutes (max.) (10 min. for presentation and 5 min. for Q&A)
Symposium presentation:
2 written pages. 25 minutes (max.) (20 min. for presentation and 5 min. for Q&A)

The time allowed for presentation time may be shortened or extended due to programming constraints.

Equipment available

PC projector is available in both general and symposium sessions.
Please bring your own personal computer with you at the presentation day.

Constraints on number of papers

You may present a single general paper and a single symposium paper at most. (If you present both a general paper and a symposium paper, you need to pay a participation and presentation fee for each of them.)

If you submit your paper in electronic form Send a PDF file of your paper with your application number (refer to "Procedure for applying to make a presentation") indicated. (Also refer to "Submitting your paper as a PDF file".)
If you need to submit your paper as hard copy Prepare a cover sheet, giving your application number (refer to "Procedure for applying to make a presentation"), the title of the session you wish to make a submission to, and the title of your paper, and staple this sheet to your paper.

Your name may appear in a number of papers as a co-author, but multiple papers with very similar content may not be submitted.

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