Society Conference

September 6-9, 2022

Writing your paper

Paper example

English version Template file Example file Example of completed paper in PDF
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Japanese version Template file Example file Example of completed paper in PDF
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For information about creating a PDF file from a LaTeX file, click here.

  • Although basic style settings are incorporated in each template, these are just examples and you may use different style settings as long as you observe the basic format requirements, such as the paper size and margins.
  • If you have a template you wish to recommend, we would appreciate receiving it.
    Please click here to send an email with your recommended template attached.

Writing your paper in electronic form

  1. Maximum file size
    The file size of pdf file for general session will be smaller than 500K and the size will be smaller than 1MB for the symposium session. Please be careful if the pdf file size over the above limits, it cannot be uploaded from the web site. You can submit only a single file. Do not compress your file or apply security settings to it.
    (Please refer to "How to make a PDF (Portable Document Format) file" to learn how to reduce the file size.)
  2. Page format
    Paper size: A4. Margins must not be smaller than the following. Top margin: 30 mm. Bottom margin: 27 mm. Left margin: 18 mm. Right margin: 18 mm. Inter-column spacing: 7 mm.
  3. All used fonts in the pdf file must be embedded.
    The submitted pdf file will be published in DVD-ROM available both for Windows and Macintosh. (Please select "High Quality" or "Press Quality" in job options when you make your PDF file.)
    In case that the fonts might not be embedded, they cannot be expressed properly under some machine environment.
  4. Permitted characters
    If you write your paper in Japanese, use only those characters covered by the JIS Second Level in order to avoid characters turning into meaningless symbols, depending on the type of computer used. In particular, if Macintosh users wish to use special symbols such as Roman numerals or numbers in circles, they should use the symbols listed in the JIS Codes.
  5. Colors
    There is no restriction on colors used for characters or in diagrams. However, since papers will be printed on a monochrome printer for use in paper copies, select colors that are clearly distinguishable when printed in monochrome.
  6. Resolution of photos and images
    The quality of photos and images may be degraded when a file containing them is converted to a PDF file. When you convert your file into a PDF file, you are recommended to select the highest quality that allows you to keep within the file size limitation.
  7. File type
    The PDF (Portable Document Format) file you submit must be such that it can be displayed and printed by anyone using Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher.
  8. Link
    PDF document must not contain link annotation(s).
  9. Filename
    The filename should be your "application number" with the extension ".pdf".
  10. Application and OS for making a PDF file
    There are no restrictions on the application used for making a PDF file. We recommend that you use WindowsXP or higher, or Macintosh 10.5 or higher, for the operating system.
  11. How to make a PDF file
    A PDF file is normally made using Acrobat 7.0 or higher (or an equivalent product). For information about how to make a PDF file, refer to the manual for Acrobat (or its equivalent), or click here (Japanese only).
    Details of Acrobat are available at https://www.adobe.com/.
  12. It is recommended that you use Acrobat Distiller to make a PDF file. In particular, if your file includes illustrations or other images, equations, or charts, do not use PDF Writer to make a PDF file.
  13. After you have made a PDF file on your computer, print it using a different computer to check if it is printed correctly. (Sometimes, characters in equations, table or diagrams turn into gibberish.)
  14. Deadline for submission of paper
    Your paper must arrive before 17:00 hours sharp, Wednesday, June 29, 2022 (17:00 hours, Japan time).
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